Bowen Out of School Hours Care


Our Bowen Out of School Hours Care
Is perfect for the children of busy families in the area who require care out of school hours — after school, and throughout the holidays.

With Child Safe environments located on the grounds of Bowen State School, your child will be protected from harm in the safe care of our legally screened team members.

Our Out of School Hours programs are under the direction of our qualified educators. These are services we are proud to provide the children and families of our local community.

As a community-based, not for profit service, we are governed by Bowen and District Childcare Association Incorporated Management Committee. This consists of family members who volunteer their time to ensure the financial viability and smooth running of the service.

We focus on delivering high quality care and education to children and families in the Bowen community and cater for children aged from Prep through to 12 years.

Our services are approved by the Federal Government, and are therefore subsidised through the Child Care Subsidy scheme, helping families with the cost of care.

We look forward to working with your family and providing your child with the highest quality care.

You’ll find full detailed information about our Bowen Out of School Hours Care in this free PDF download.
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Enrolment Information

Simply enrol online via Xplor. A separate enrolment form is needed for each child. To express your interest in enrolling your child at a later date and be placed on the waitlist go here

When your enrolment has been submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us. Enrolment application is not complete until all relevant information has been received by us.

Your enrolment application will be reviewed by our administrators at Bowen and District Childcare Association Inc. The outcome will be determined by factors such as:

  • Availability of places at the time of application
  • Correct completion of all details on the enrolment form
  • Whether outstanding money from previous enrolments is a concern

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive an email with login details for Xplor. You’ll then have the means to submit your child’s Complying Written Agreement and set up your account for direct debit payments. You’ll also be able view your invoices and see your child’s attendance records.

After School Care


Children in Yr 1 or over, enrolled in After School Care make their way to the designated collection area where an educator will meet them, children in Prep will be collected from their classroom by an educator, and will walk with the educator to the service.

Children are signed in for After School Care by their educator. Absentees would be verified with their school. If a child attended school but is now absent, the child’s parent/guardian would be contacted to verify the child’s absence from After School Care.

Vacation Care

Children can be received by educators from 6:30 am. An iPad is used for signing in at the entrance, recording arrival time and details of the person delivering the child.

Information relevant to the child’s day should also be noted at this point (alternatively emailed to our administration). This would include health or medical issues, whether the child had a restless night, advice regarding collecting the child that day, etc.

At 6:00 pm, the service closes. All children need to be collected before this time. When collecting a child, signing out via the iPad will record departure time and details of the person collecting the child.

The parent/guardian should inform educators if anyone else is going to collect their child. Authorisation is to be done in writing. The nominee would need to bring ID and would be named in the child’s enrolment record.

Without such authority, the child would remain on the premises until an authorised person can be contacted to collect them.

What to Bring

Bring your child to our Vacation Care programs with the following items, clearly labelled with your child’s full name.

  • A lunchbox containing nutritional food. We will provide fruit and snacks.
  • At least one change of clothes.
  • Sun safe clothing that covers your child’s shoulders and a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Water bottle (especially on excursion days).
  • Well-fitting shoes that are safe for climbing and excursions.
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Medical Matters

We are ready to help with the safe administration of medication as required for your child. Medication needs to be prescribed by a medical practitioner (including over-the-counter medications, such as Panadol, Nurofen, and cough medicines), and in its original packaging, with the dispensing label clearly readable, detailing your child’s name, required dosage and expiration date.

Medication should be handed to our educator by the person delivering the child to our care. When the child comes directly from school, medication can be transferred from a school employee.

For children with a medical condition, an action plan provided by a medical practitioner is appropriate. Prior to the child starting at our service, we would together complete a Management of Medical Conditions Action and Minimisation Plan.

This plan would include:

  • The child’s details
  • Parents details & emergency contact information
  • Details of the child’s medical condition
  • Signs and symptoms & triggers
  • Risk minimisation information & steps taken to minimise risks
  • Where medication will be stored
  • Communication plan for staff and parents to share information about the child’s condition

Behaviour Standards


Children in our care are alerted to, and understand the consequences of their behaviour, through our positive guidance techniques.

When persistent negative behaviour is a problem, we would develop a behaviour plan in conjunction with the family. In consideration of the health and safety of other children in care, if all methods fail to result in an improvement in behaviour, our Nominated Supervisor, Lyndy Bateman, would discuss alternative care with the parent/guardian.


Fees are payable for a child’s booked days, regardless of whether the child is sick or absent, and are charged for the full session booked, not just the hours attended. Fees are determined by bookings made for each child — full-time, part-time, or casual.

  • Full-time is defined as 5 days a week on an ongoing basis
  • Part-time is defined as part of the week, the same days on an ongoing basis
  • Casual is defined as days that vary regularly

Fee Schedule – Per Child

Full-time Bookings:

  • After school care: $115 per week
  • Vacation care: $275 per week

Part-time Bookings:

  • After school care: $25 per day
  • Vacation care: $58 per day
Casual Bookings:

  • After school care: $30 per day
  • Vacation care: $63 per day
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Conditions Apply
Including fees for late arrivals and late collection of children. We ask that accounts be kept to a minimum of 1 week in advance.

We also have occasional planned excursions. Additional fees for these are determined by the destination and content of the planned excursion. We would notify you of the costs involved at least 14 days in advance.

Payment options

  • Direct debit from a personal bank account or credit card through the Ezidebit System
  • Centrepay where previous arrangements have been made with the Centre Director or administrator. If Centrepay is to be used, an agreed amount will be set and any changes to payments need to be done in consultation with the Director or administrator.

Child Care Subsidy


This is a payment made to families to assist with childcare costs. All Australian residents using approved child care services are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Child immunisation is a requirement.

CCS is received as reduced fees and is administered through MyGov/Centrelink online. The subsidy is based on the families’ estimate of their modified taxable income for the year in which care is provided. You are required to notify the Family Assistance Office (FAO) of any changes to your income or changes to your CCSS.

Further information can be provided by our Administrator or our Nominated Supervisor, Lyndy Bateman. You can also contact the Family Assistance Office on 136150, or visit the FAO website. For further detailed information about our Bowen Out of School Hours Care, please download this free PDF handbook.