Educational Environment



Creating Successful Learners

We believe that children who develop secure attachment relationships are more successful in life because they develop a positive sense of self and the skills necessary to interact with others. Our goal is to ensure that all our children feel free to explore, play, and learn in a safe, stimulating environment.

Our educators embrace the Principles as outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework:
  1. Respect Others
  2. Work in Partnerships
  3. Set High Expectations
  4. Respect Diversity
  5. Self-Reflection
In our Nursery, we work to build secure, trusting relationships with all our babies to help nurture their development and learning. We help them to develop routines while evolving strong bonds with them. We sing and talk with them during each event such as mealtimes, rest times, and more.

Babies learn a lot through sensory learning – taste, sight, touch, hearing, and smell. We incorporate plenty of sensory experiences to help increase their overall awareness and desire to learn and explore.
Kids Planting Trees — Child Care in Bowen, QLD
Kid Planting Hyacinth Flowers — Child Care in Bowen, QLD
For toddlers, we focus on helping them gain independence. We help them as they form relationships with peers through group play. We guide them as they become more curious about the world around them, helping them to enjoy active participation in a safe, engaging environment.

We focus on promoting self-help skills, problem-solving, and self-growth. We also work with each child to help them with sharing skills, overcoming emotional outbursts, and acting appropriately when things don’t go the way they want. During this period, we will help them learn to communicate their feelings, making it easier for them to control their attitudes and behaviour.

For pre-kindy children, we use programs that help to prepare them for the next phase of their life. These programs are designed to promote curiosity and encourage independent thinking.

We also work with each child to strengthen their relationships and help them to control their emotions and interactions with others further. Our goal is to prepare them for kindergarten, both in their educational awareness and their social awareness.

Our kindergarten program follows a Queensland Government approved program that promotes the value of collaborative learning and problem-solving. We use a variety of experiences to promote self-identity, social skills, reading and verbal literacy, and even physical abilities.